Netflix Amps Up Its Sound, an Asteroid Task Force, and More News


Getting away from your Netflix addiction is about to get a little bit harder.

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Netflix releases some subtle but significant sound improvements, a science squad gets ready to take on aggro-asteroids, and there’s a big sale to nerd out over. Here’s the news you need to know in two minutes or less.

Your Netflix binges are about to sound better

Netflix already employs machine learning to recognize the strength of your internet connection and adjust the video quality accordingly. But now the streaming giant says they will apply that to audio too, starting today. Get ready for your binges to sound a whole lot better.

The plan to save us from killer asteroids

So we all know the dinosaurs were wiped out by a devastating meteor that rudely hurled onto the planet, but does that mean we’re in for the same fate? Not if these asteroid-impact planners have anything to do with it. We’re in good (nerdy) hands. They’ve been practicing with fake scenarios for years. Bring it on, space rocks!

Cocktail Conversation

Freedoms of journalists worldwide are under attack. Since 1992, at least 1,337 journalists have been killed in connection to their work. 857 of those deaths were murders. So today WIRED, alongside brands like Bloomberg, Atlantic Media, Buzzfeed, Washington Post, and others, joined the One Free Press coalition, a “united group of editors and publishers using their global reach and social platforms to spotlight journalists under attack worldwide.” There are still many journalists whose freedoms are under attack today, and you can read more about it right here.

WIRED Recommends: ThinkGeek Sale

If you’re on the lookout for geeky gifts, look no further: is having a sitewide sale today that is 25 percent off everything, and 75 percent off clearance. Nerd out and cash in!

More News You Can Use

Alaska is about to finally get its own fiber-optic line and save its internet.

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