4 Best Satellite Messengers in 2019 (Iridium, Tracking Devices, Garmin)


Most of your time spent researching satellite messengers is spent looking at different subscription plans. But the Bivystick, which uses the Iridium network, circumvents most of that hassle. The $18-per-month subscription fee is higher than nearly every other messenger’s, but it has no activation fee, and you can cancel and restart at any time. To text or log your activities via satellite, you purchase credits that roll over if they’re unused at the end of the month. Like the Somewear, the Bivystick tethers to your phone, so it’s useful only if your fragile glass-and-metal pocket computer is also working. But it works as a combination adventurer tracker and social media app. You can browse through its adventure library, see yourself progress from “rookie” to “legend,” and share your accomplishments with your friends.

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