The Best Remaining Amazon Prime Day Deals, a Deadly App, and More News


There are still lots of Amazon Prime Day deals to be had, hackers made a killer app to prove a point, and it’s the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

Day Two of Amazon Prime Day is upon us

The deals just keep comin’, and WIRED is here to guide you through them. From the absolute best of Prime Day, to the WIRED team’s personal picks to deals from Amazon’s biggest rivals, there are still all kinds of bargains left to peruse.

Hackers made an app that kills to prove a point

Two years ago, researchers found that hackers could remotely target and control a popular brand of insulin pumps. When the company didn’t issue a fix, they built an app that was capable of using those flaws to kill people. While the company and the FDA have since implemented a voluntary recall, it shows how fraught the climate for medical device disclosures truly is.

Cocktail Conversation

Fifty years ago today, the Apollo 11 left Earth en route for the moon. But the mission marked something else: The first time humans submitted to ride in a vehicle controlled by a computer. And although the mission was a success, in a critical moment while the Apollo was hurtling towards the surface of the moon, the guidance computer crashed, and the hopes of the world nearly crashed with it in one of the highest-stakes reboots in history.

WIRED Recommends: Moon Gear

Speaking of the moon, if you headed there yourself you’d need some fancy gear, right? WIRED rounded up some ideas of what stuff you might want to bring for your lunar adventure.

News You Can Use

How to protect our kids’ data privacy.

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