Extinction Rebellion Dover: Four climate activists arrested


Four elderly Extinction Rebellion activists are arrested during a protest in Dover. …

One of the men arrested during the climate protest
Image caption The protesters were taken away in a police van after being arrested

Four elderly people have been arrested during a climate change protest in Dover aimed at “blockading” the port.

The woman and three men aged in their 60s, 80s and 90s had staged a sit in at the Eastern Docks Roundabout.

Extinction Rebellion campaigners are legally occupying part of the A20, off the roundabout, and near the port.

The campaign group said the “No Food on a Dying Planet” protest centred around the potential for food shortages as climate change develops.

Image copyright Jade Evans
Image caption Protesters glued themselves to the road

Kent Police set up a designated area on the westbound A20 for activists to demonstrate, in order to “minimise disruption”.

Traffic leaving the port is being diverted via the A2, on the opposite side of the Eastern Docks Roundabout.

However some protesters also blockaded part of the A2, by gluing themselves to the road. They were removed by police.

According to witnesses, one protester who had glued their hands to the road was taken away in a stretcher.

Image copyright Jade Evans
Image caption There is a large police presence on roads near the port

Live music is expected later as part of the demonstration, while flags and signs adorn seafront railings, including slogans like “Rebel for life” and “Climate breakdown kills”.

The protest is due to last until 15:00 BST.

It comes a day after thousands of people across the UK took part in a global “climate strike day”.

Chris Atkins, from Extinction Rebellion Dover, said: “As climate change develops, millions of ordinary Britons will face the real and growing threat of food shortages, hunger and starvation.

“This crisis may seem far away now but given the dependency of the UK on food imports we are extremely vulnerable.”

A Port of Dover spokeswoman said: “We are working closely with Kent Police to ensure as minimal disruption as possible.”

Image caption The protest is due to last until 15:00 BST

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