What is Air Quality without Tech?

Today’s Market we have many different tech gadget’s for our health and air quality. What does it all mean and should we care? Today, let’s talk about air purifier filter technology and how it can improve our lives.

I would like to note we are speaking about HEPA filters, or True HEPA Filters. There are confusing terms in the market place today whereby filters are called “HEPA Like” or “HEPA Type” among other possibilities. There is only one HEPA standard therefore a filter is either HEPA compliant or not. Anything comparable or similar to is not the same as a True HEPA filter.

Why would a filter being part of the HEPA standard be critical? A HEPA filter has completed to have passed the HEPA standard guidelines. The HEPA standard specifically gives guidelines regarding the performance of the filter in the environment being utilized.

We start by reviewing ISO 29463 and we notice their are two main HEPA filters and three HEPA Ultra filters. HEPA Standard Filters are part of ISO 35 H through ISO 45 H filtering group, while HEPA Ultra Low Penetration Air Filters are ISO 50 U through ISO 75 U filtering group, according to ISO 29463.

HEPA is short for High Efficiency Particulate Air, this is increasingly important as we leverage technology to keep our air clean from increasing threats like the Coronavirus. HEPA filters generally remove 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 micrometers in diameter.

Noting the Standard HEPA filter in perspective, ISO 35H has an overall efficiency equal to or greater than 99.95% through ISO 45 H is equal to or greater than 99.995% efficient. While the Ultra HEPA filter ISO 50U is equal to or greater than 99.999% efficient through ISO 75 U equal to or greater than 99.999995% efficient.

We are talking about very small fractions, but when it comes to things related to the Coronavirus for example, can we really be to careful when insisting on nothing but the best.

By: Randy Garrison

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