What caused Tech Boom?

What is Driving the Tech Boom?

Today, we are finally starting to see the technology manufactures replenishing their inventory.  During the initial wave of COVID and through much of 2020 we experienced a technology shortage.  What caused this shortage, and what does it mean for us moving forward?

As the world braced for COVID-19 and the United States began implementing a Work From Home (WFH) policy we started to notice technology was not as accessible as it once was.  We began our COVID-19 WFH procedures in February which became mainstream by March, reducing the work force in the manufacturing facilities.  This helped suppress the curve and everyone who was not essential was being asked or required to WFH. 

What the country noticed by being asked or required to work remotely was the need for additional tools.  Additional parts of technology to accomplish a virtual meeting like environment while currently WFH.  I too needed an additional notebook, webcam, and accessories for business use for my specific career as I am unable to use any personal devices on the company network.

What I found as I was trying to purchase what I needed to properly WFH so did the rest of the country.  I no longer had this massive selection with quantities on hand.  I had to special order and wait for the laptop to arrive, my accessories were on back order, and I only found the second choice for web cameras.

I had done a bit more research and I had spoken with a Cybersecurity Engineer in the field; he noted the school systems, corporate, and government sectors were ordering new devices, notebooks, Chromebooks, and accessories by the thousands.

This created our massive Tech Boom in the marketplace complicating efforts with factories closed during the beginning part of the year, supplies are critically short, and with demand only increasing.

By: Peter Chen

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