How User Data Privacy and Antitrust Law Got All Tangled Up

This week we look at how the latest iPhone software update ties into the debate about regulating big tech….

LG: Oh, no. I’m turning off my Zoom.

GE: What? I’m just saying a nice deep V, especially when you’re out and about, right? We’re all going to be getting out there, we’re all going to be hugging, and it feels nice. You know what I’m saying Calore, come on bro.

MC: Yes. I wear glasses, you probably wear sunglasses. It’s a good place to keep your sunglasses, right?

GE: Actually, that’s a sensitive subject. I find that when I unbutton … so, usually, right? You button the … I guess technically, the third button of the shirt is the typical male, at least button up shirt situation.

But, when I go one lower, actually it feels like a little bit … the sunglasses are too low, but that’s OK. That’s why my other recommendation is breast pockets. I’m such a fan of breast pockets.

LN: Can I ask you a question about the buttoning? Is this an opt in situation, where I can elect to opt out as the default?

GE: Well, you’re wearing a pullover shirt, so I don’t think you even can, opt in right now, Lily. You need to get a software upgrade.

LN: I’m all about the button-downs.

GE: Yeah, see Lauren’s getting into it. She’s unzipping that zip.

LG: Yeah. But just to be clear, I do have a t-shirt on, underneath.

GE: I’m not talking about doing anything inappropriate here, guys.

LG: Yeah.

MC: Certainly not.

GE: These are very personal calibrations. I’m just saying, don’t think that you know the perfect number, let’s put it that way.


GE: You go on your own individual journey about, that’s context dependent-

LG: Mm-hmm.

GE: … and very personal about what the right buttoning level is for you this summer.

LG: And what’s your recommendation around chest hair?

GE: Let me answer that question.

LG: No, don’t. Its just like-

GE: Let me answer that question with words. What did you think I was going to say? My recommendation is whatever makes you comfortable, man.

LG: I look forward to your future recommendation of side boob.

MC: Oh my God.

GE: I’m not recommending that, but I’m not not recommending it.

MC: It’s hard to be the host this week, because I don’t know what to say, and also, I don’t know when to jump in. So I’m just going to end this now, and kick it to Lauren, tell us your recommendation.

LG: OK. Well, I feel like maybe the characters on this show will greatly appreciate Gilad’s recommendation, and actually Lily’s too. I just started watching Call My Agent on Netflix.

GE: So good.

LG: I’m a little behind the curve. It’s a 2015 French TV series, that came to Netflix in 2019. And then throughout 2020, I would hear from friend, as we were … many of us were sitting home, not vaccinated and not hugging. They were watching it and enjoying it.

I finally got into it, it’s a delightful show about a talent agency in Paris that represents actors, but the agents themselves create a lot more of the drama than the actors do. Yeah, it’s just delightful. I’m already on season two and it does have subtitles.

I like that, because it means that I can’t be on my phone, or an iPad, or checking work while I’m watching the program, I have to actually watch and pay attention. So yeah. Check out, call my agent, if you’re looking for something new to watch, or old, but new to you. Mike, what’s your recommendation this week?


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