ADHD clinic: ‘I’m 22 and I’ve just been diagnosed’


Lucy was diagnosed with ADHD at 22 years of age, after being told she’d have to wait two years on the…

A mother has set up an autism and ADHD clinic after her daughter didn’t meet the criteria on the NHS.

Jane Lambert, who is a nurse, wanted to help other families by creating a team of specialists to diagnose and treat the conditions. It is currently private, but she would like it to be a public service.

Lucy Bint is the first patient to be diagnosed in Jane’s clinic with ADHD. She is 22 and started to suspect she had the condition while studying her masters in psychology.

Lucy was told she would have to wait two years to be diagnosed on the NHS. She said: “I feel incredibly lucky that I had another way of getting help. I just feel relieved that there’s some level of understanding.”

Video by Gem O’Reilly


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