19 Best Tech Deals on PC Gaming, Camping Gear, and More


This week was a great week in Gadget Land. Not only did Apple release a new desktop and new AirPods, it released the latest version of its beloved iPad Mini and iPad Air. Amazon also issued its latest Kindle ebook reader, and it costs less than $100. But while we wait for our credit cards to clear and our shipping boxes to arrive, we found 19 of our favorite deals on a great drone, a very affordable backpacking bundle, and much more.

If you’re gearing up for your spring adventures, REI’s member rewards sale is going on through April 8. Members can get 20 percent off one full-priced item, and 20 percent off one item at REI Outlet, with the code MEMPERKS2019.

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The GoPro Hero7 Is $100 Off

Our reviewer Brent Rose refers to the GoPro as “the Band-Aid of action cameras,” but that’s for a good reason. The latest iteration has truly impressive in-camera image stabilization, a waterproof mic, and livestreaming features that will fill your chosen audience with envy. Pick it up now so you can have it for all your summer adventures later.

The GoPro Hero7 Silver costs $200 ($100 off).

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