7 Best Socks for Running (2019): Trails, Workouts, and More


Running may be one of the most accessible forms of exercise on the planet, but it’s not the only one. Maybe you’re a spin class junkie. Maybe you go in for metabolic conditioning, like Crossfit or high-intensity interval training. For those and other activities, I love the Merino 10. The Ultra Light variety feels great against the skin—the “10” (“+” on Amazon) stands for Tencel, a wood-derived fiber that enhances softness—but it’s also incredibly thin, making it great for inside cycling shoes or for activities where you want to feel the ground, like sprints or box jumps. Feetures makes a plantar-fasciitis recovery compression sock as well, and some of that arch compression finds its way into the Merino 10. (Just some, though; unless you know the misery of PF, you don’t need every feature in that sock.) There’s a cushioned variety for a dollar more, but for me this is the absolute sweet spot; I’ve found myself hand-washing them midweek just to be able to use them two days in a row. And if I’m feeling lazy? Merino is a natural odor inhibitor, so I won’t tell if you don’t.

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