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[MUSIC] We’re at the Intel booth here at NWC2019 and behind me is Spiderman far from home VR experience. Now 1300 feet away at the Nokia booth, there is a similar sister experience. The idea here is these two Spidermen are gonna race across Manhattan. Web slinging their way, let’s check it out. 5G is everywhere, and yes, even Spider-Man is jumping on the bandwagon. Sony’s VR experience puts you in the spandex shoes of your friendly neighborhood web head, as he swings his way across New York in a demo of how responsive a 5G network can be, cuz a little further away, the Nokia booth For a second identical experience to set up. The idea is that both Spidermen are playing the same game, with 5G acting as the bridge. Here we go The VR game runs on an oculus rift, and you use its two controllers to fire web shooters, swinging from building to building. The point is to get to the end of the course before the competition. All right, being Spider-Man is not easy. Let’s try this side. [BLANK_AUDIO] You press the triggers on the Oculus Rift controllers to fly your web shooters and pull back to start swinging. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but you eventually get into a rhythm, and then sometimes, splat. And I hit a wall, literally. [MUSIC] The data from this game is sent to a 5G radio, where it ends up connecting with a second wrist set in the other Spiderman. It’s just one of countless 5G demos, as everyone at NWC Hyped up the next generation of wireless technology. Three minutes and eight second. Is that good or bad? I don’t know. That’s not too bad. Not too bad, all right. That was pretty good, Parker. Yeah. Too good. [LAUGH] Well, I think you won. I don’t know, I hit a lot of- You got the fastest time today. No, I hit a lot of walls there, it was a little- No but you got to the finish line. I did get, okay, I got to the finish line. I actually Finished. There we go. So I just finished the Spider-Man VR experience. And it is a faithful recreation of swinging through Manhattan. Blazing speeds. It’s pretty amazing. Hopefully this comes out to the public. For more at MWC, check us out at CNET. I’m Roger Chang. Thanks for watching.

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