The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals (and Which Model to Choose)


Samsung’s newest flagship phone comes in three configurations: the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e. Here’s our guide to choosing the right one—with the best deal.

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Samsung’s latest smartphones just sprung out of the toaster, and they’re out now. There are three new Galaxy phones to choose from—the S10, S10 Plus, and S10e. You may wonder which one is right for you, and where to buy them? We’ve laid out everything you need to know, along with every notable Galaxy S10 deal and order page we’ve found so far.

If you need to take the red pill and learn more about Samsung’s latest wonderland of devices, check out our full recap of Samsung’s big Galaxy event.

Update, March 12: The Galaxy S10 came out March 8. We’ve added a link to our review of the Galaxy S10 and some new info.

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The Right Galaxy for You


There are a few key differences between the new Galaxy S10 phones, which you can read more about here. If you like numbers, Samsung has a spec comparison at the bottom of this page.

  • We love the new Galaxy S10 line: I got to test the Galaxy S10 Plus for more than a week and gave the whole line a 9/10, WIRED Recommends award. It’s also my new favorite Android phone. For the first time in a long time, both the software and hardware impressed me. It’s the best Galaxy phone I’ve ever used, and the camera, battery, and gaming performance are everything I’d hoped for in a 2019 device. The new onscreen fingerprint lock works quickly, as does the PowerShare feature that lets you wirelessly charge other devices with your S10. I’m still hoping to spend more dedicated time with the S10E, but I don’t see any red flags.

  • Galaxy S10E ($750+) is a more traditional phone: The S10E is as nice as its siblings in many ways. It has the same high-end CPU, a similarly sized screen, and most of the perks of the new phones. On the downside, it has 6 GB of RAM instead of the 8 GB on the version with 128 GB of storage, an HD screen, a dual camera instead of triple cam array, a flat screen with no curved edges, and a standard fingerprint sensor on its power button.

  • Galaxy S10 ($900+) has a fancier camera and fingerprint sensor: This model is the cheapest way to get the new in-display fingerprint sensor, curved-edge screen, 2 GB more RAM, a slightly larger battery, and a triple rear camera array that offers an ultrawide lens and a telephoto lens that imitates 2X optical zoom.

  • Galaxy S10 Plus ($1,000+) is for perfectionists: The S10 Plus is the same as the S10, but with a slightly larger screen, a bigger battery, and dual selfie cameras, which also means a double “hole punch” on the right corner of the screen for the camera cutout. It also lets you upgrade its memory up to 1 terabyte. I don’t know why you’d ever need that much space, but if you upgrade, Samsung will throw in 12 GB of RAM.

Word to the Wise

This is just a little friendly advice if you’re ready to buy.

  • Whatever you order, consider a case: This phone is covered in glass, and Samsung will charge hundreds to replace a screen. The Spigen and OtterBox cases in this list should provide some protection.

  • Peer outside the Galaxy: Not to ruin that hot new phone buzz you may have going, but … if you want to save money, we have laid out some compelling alternatives to the S10. Sure, that new S10 comes with a couple features no other phone has, but there are a number of Android phones that offer top-shelf specs for less money. If you’re a devoted Galaxy user, last year’s Galaxy S9 is often less than $600. Honestly, it’s almost as outstanding and will likely get update support for a couple of years.

How to Get the Galaxy S10 Unlocked


The easiest way to order is from You’ll find a full lineup of all three Galaxy S10 phones along with the various wireless carrier promotions. We recommend you buy the phone unlocked, because you’ll be able to use it on any wireless carrier if you ever wish to switch.

Galaxy S10 ‘Deals’ From Wireless Carriers

If there’s any chance you may want to switch wireless networks or give/sell this phone to someone else, consider buying an unlocked version of the S10 (see above). If you are happy and content with your wireless provider, here are the deals each of the major US networks are offering, along with some of the fine print that always accompanies these kinds of offers.

  • Sprint is offering a free $750 Galaxy S10E if you order a standard Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. The catch is that at least one of those phones has to be for a new line of service and you’ll need to pay over 18 months, so if you cancel service before then, you’ll have to pay up. This offer page has more details.

  • T-Mobile is kinda sorta offering the S10E at half price, but the “Uncarrier” has an offer that’s deceptively confusing and requires doing some math. Basically, you get the phone for $10 per month if you open at least one line of service and pay in 36 monthly installments. That’s about half the normal monthly price, adding up to just $360 after 36 months. T-Mobile’s website tries to direct you to a store, but with some diligence, you can get this deal online. Consult the lengthy FAQ if you get confused.

  • Verizon is offering a free $750 Galaxy S10E if you order a standard S10 or S10 Plus. The catch is that you need to start at least one new line of service and Verizon will pay for the phone over 24 months. Should you leave VZW in the next two years, you may owe the remainder.

  • AT&T is also offering a free $750 Galaxy S10E if you buy a standard Galaxy S10 and the S10E using AT&T Next. Your bill will be $80 combined for the two lines after the discount, and if you leave AT&T within 30 months, you will owe the remainder. AT&T Next is the company’s annual trade-in plan that lets you get a new phone every year if you turn the old one in.

  • US Cellular is offering 50 percent off a single Galaxy S10E if you have service and pay on a 30-month installment plan. You must be a new or current customer and be willing to get the “Total Plan with Unlimited Plus Data.”

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