Amazon Has Great Deals on Its Tablets and Echo Speakers Now


Here on the WIRED Gear team, one of the questions that we field the most often is: Which smart speaker should I choose? There are a lot of different factors to take in, like how important is sound quality? And do you want a touchscreen? But when it comes to price, it’s really, really hard to beat Amazon’s offerings. Right now, it is currently offering deals on a lot of great devices that we’ve used and loved over the past few years. You can currently buy all of these devices, though a few will ship on March 30 or later.

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Prime Members Get Up To $50 off Fire Tablets

We’ve already noted that the prices on Amazon’s tablets already seem too good to be true in our Best Fire Tablets guide. They aren’t perfect tablets, but they’re incredibly cheap and do the job. If you’re a Prime member, you can currently knock more off the top. The Fire HD 10 (read our review) is our favorite Fire tablet for watching videos, and it’s currently only $100 for Prime members. The Fire HD 8 is also great for traveling, and well below $100. We also recommend picking up one of Amazon’s official magnetic traveling cases with the money you save. The discounts will end March 30.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 costs $100 ($50 off).

The Amazon Fire HD 8 costs $50 ($30 off).

More Amazon Deals Happening Now

  • Echo Dot (3rd Gen.) costs $40 ($10 off): With its rounded edges and soft fabric coating, the newest Echo Dot is much more aesthetically appealing than its previous iteration. It sounds better, too. It’s currently 20 percent off its original list price. This discount ends March 29.

  • Echo Show (2nd Gen.) costs $190 ($40 off): As with the Echo Dot, the second iteration of the Echo Show has improved by leaps and bounds. The 10-inch display now covers the front of the device, and fabric-covered speakers on the rear now look and sound better. The Show might be a great choice if you use a tablet for cooking or video calling other Echo Shows. It’s one of the better Smart Displays you can own. This discount ends March 29.

  • Buy Two Amazon Cloud Cams for $200 ($40 off): Amazon’s Cloud Cams aren’t weatherproof, so it’s probably best to keep them inside. But otherwise, they’re a pretty simple and easy-to-use baby or pet monitor. You can also add voice control if you connect them to an Alexa-enabled device with a screen, like the Echo Show or Spot.

  • Two Amazon Fire Tablet Kids Editions for $195 ($65 off): One of the things that we liked best about the Fire tablets for kids was the two-year worry-free guarantee. If your child breaks it, you can send it in for a replacement with no questions asked. But what if you have multiple children? Or a child who is especially destructive? In that case, the 25 percent discount on two or more tablets may be worth a look.

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