Apple’s AirPower Gets the Ax, Rickshaws Get a Boost, and More News


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Pour one out for Apple’s AirPower project

Apple’s AirPower, the company’s infamous promise of a wireless charging option, is officially dead. Apple unveiled the project in 2017 to much applause, but balked when it came to giving an actual release date. Finally they’ve killed the project after concluding that it would “not achieve our high standards.” Guess this one didn’t “Just Work.”

India’s rickshaws are going electric

When most people think of electric cars, they think of Tesla and the Prius. But in India, where rickshaws (or tuk tuks) reign, they’re trading in gas for swappable batteries. This move isn’t just to hold up their end of the Paris climate agreement, but to improve their air conditions, which are some of the worst in the world. Since the batteries are swappable, drivers don’t need to wait for a charge to get back on the road. Switch your dying battery for a full one, and you’re slicin’ through traffic in no time.

Al Gore likes the Green New Deal

Al Gore didn’t invent the Green New Deal, but he does dig it. “OK, so you can call it simplistic, you can call it naive, but the American people get it. They’re saying ‘Yeah, we’re for a Green New Deal. Now you work out the details.’” Time will tell if Congress feels the same.

Cocktail Conversation

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of The Matrix. Which brings up all kinds of questions. Red pill or blue pill? Who thought up that iconic code that drips down the screen? We’ll answer all that and more this weekend with our coverage, but you can start your celebrations with the best 11 Matrix scenes, ranked.

WIRED Recommends: iPhones

Not sure which iPhone to get? It’s hard. Do you want multiple colors? Does the camera matter to you? Do you want a big screen or a small screen? Home button or no? Luckily, you don’t have to ask Siri; you can just use this guide to figure out which iPhone is best for you.

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