3 of the Best iPads Are on Sale Right Now


We’re big fans of Apple’s iPad line. We can debate about iPhone versus Android phones all day, but iPads rule the tablet world. They’re speedy, they have higher-quality apps than competitors, and the hardware lasts for years. Today, they’re also on sale.

Apple doesn’t run discounted sales on its own website, but since it began listing more products on Amazon last autumn, it has used (or allowed) the retailer to toy around with larger deals more frequently than usual. Best Buy and Walmart have also been discounting Apple products at what feels like an accelerated rate lately. This week, a few different iPad deals are floating around.

128 Gigabytes for the Price of 32

A 128-GB standard iPad is $329, $100 off its normal price at Amazon. Walmart also has the deal. Normally, you only get 32 gigabytes of storage for $329. If you download a lot of apps, offline Netflix movies, or use your iPad as a camera (I hope not), the storage may really come in handy. I tend to use my iPad as a receptacle for tons of offline downloads on Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify when I travel. If you’re the same, the extra storage is definitely worth it on long trips.

An Old Pro That’s Worth a Fresh Look


If you want a nicer iPad, the 2017 10.5-inch iPad Pro is also on sale for $499 ($150 off) at Amazon and Best Buy. It’s even cheaper at Walmart ($479). It’s faster and has a laminated display—there’s less of an “air gap” between the glass and the pixels beneath it. This is especially preferable if you’re using it with the Apple Pencil ($95), since a laminated display more closely mimics the visual experience of seeing ink flow onto the page from the tip of a pen. The 12-megapixel camera and quad speakers are also upgrades. (Normally the 64 GB storage option would also be an upgrade, but not today.)

The $499 price is equal to the new iPad Air, and if you want that tablet, they’re nearly equals. The Air has a camera that’s flush with the body (no little bump) and the tablet performs slightly better on speed tests because it’s newer, but Pro has a better camera, speakers, and screen refresh rate.

The iPad We All Want, but Can’t Afford


The fancy new 2018 iPad Pro is $749, or $50 off its normal price. It really wowed us with Face ID, powerful internals, and support for the new magnetic Apple Pencil 2. It’s no runaway bargain at this ever-so-mild discount, but it’s still a better deal than you’ll find at an Apple store. The larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro is also $50 off.

One More Thing …

For what it’s worth, the new MacBook Air is also $1,115, or $84 off, and some iMacs are on sale at Amazon. I wasn’t going to point them out, but since these computers are the only other major Apple products with decent discounts, I’ve included them. The Air is currently the Best MacBook for most buyers.

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