YouTube’s ‘Slow Mo Guys’ Share the Best Slow-Motion Videos


From the physics of Slinkies to the behavior of feeding birds, slow-motion videos can tell us a lot about the way things work.

“You get to see things from a scientific perspective that you wouldn’t normally get to see normally,” says Daniel Gruchy, one half of the duo better known on YouTube as the Slow Mo Guys. The web series has made the two the internet’s best-known experts on slow-motion video.

Along with partner Gavin Free, Gruchy posted the first Slow Mo Guys video, a channel trailer, in 2010. That was followed quickly by a video of lighters exploding in slow motion. The duo has since amassed 1.7 billion views on YouTube, and more than 12 million people subscribe to their channel.

The pair grew up in Thame, England. They went to the same school and worked together at a grocery store called Waitrose. “We really found friendship … when I found out you played Xbox. And I didn’t know anyone who played games,” Free recalled in one of their videos.

The guys talk us through some of the internet’s favorite slow-motion videos in the clip embedded above, from exploding water balloons and lightning strikes to sneezes. They also offer details about some of their own projects, including their biggest hit, a video showing Free jumping onto a giant, 6-foot water balloon, which has earned more than 177 million views.

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