Best E3 Game and Console Sales (2019): Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox


E3 has stirred from its ancient slumber and descended once again upon the Los Angeles Convention Center. Fear not, it bears glad tidings—and Keanu Reeves. We’re seeing a deluge of major gaming news come from the conference, and major publishers are slashing prices on some of their latest games and hardware. More than a few online stores are cutting prices on digital releases so you can fill out that Steam library and save a ton of cash while you do it. Here are the best deals coming out of E3 2019. We’ll update this piece as we learn more.

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Microsoft’s E3 Xbox One Deals


Microsoft is kicking off E3 with a bang, an explosion of deals, a circus of values, a big ol’ pile of deals. Seriously, everything from consoles to some of the latest games, including the brand-new Mortal Kombat 11, are on sale for E3. Check out all of Microsoft’s deals here.

Nintendo E3 Deals


Setting up shop in the dead of night beneath a massive leathern hot-air balloon, Nintendo carefully sets out its wares: Games, cardboard, controllers, and more. There’s no need to run a bunch of fetch quests, Nintendo’s deals are laid bare for any and all customers—if you have the coin.

Sony PS4 E3 Deals


Like a mysterious merchant lurking in the dark, Sony’s opening up its coat to reveal a host of glimmering goods. With its annual “Days of Play” event Sony is starting E3 off right with a limited-time sale (June 7-17) on everything from consoles to controllers. And if you missed out on any of the older PS4 games, or PlayStation Greatest Hits, there are tons of games under $15 right now.

PC Games & Hardware E3 Deals


E3 isn’t leaving PC gamers out in the cold. There are plenty of E3 deals for everyone, whether you game on a console, a desktop, or a dark obelisk thrumming with eldritch power.

E3 Game and Hardware Sale Pages

If you want to browse more, here are the top sale pages for E3.

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