Yeti Hopper Cooler Deal: $90 Off for Amazon Prime Day


Note: Sadly, this deal sold out early Tuesday morning. Amazon Prime Day is now over. Our Post-Prime Day deals guide and Deals from Amazon Rivals will live on until July 18-20. As always, we hope we helped you sift through the sales madness and find great products. Check the WIRED Gear section for the latest news and reviews.

I come by my Yeti fandom reluctantly. As I’ve said before, Yeti’s reengineering of utilitarian objects like a bucket, or a lunch bag, is so extensive as to almost invite parody. But there’s no doubting its commitment to premium, rugged, and attractive products. Yeti is the no-brainer choice for all the times when your cooler just cannot fail, like if you’re toting home just-caught fish—or breast milk that you’ve painstakingly pumped while traveling.

The Flip 18 is the larger version of Yeti’s personal soft cooler. It has the capacity for 20 cans of beer and has Yeti’s high-density, puncture-resistant exterior shell and rubber-foam insulation. And unlike Yeti’s hard-sided coolers, it weighs just 5 pounds when empty.

When I go to the river beaches on summer afternoons near my home in Portland, Oregon, this is the cooler that I see most frequently bungeed onto bike racks. And almost $100 off is an incredible discount for a soft cooler that will never break and leave you with warm beers and a broken heart. This deal is set to expire Tuesday, July 16.

Buy the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 for $210 ($90 off)

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