33 Best Amazon Prime Day Alternative Deals From Walmart, eBay, Etc


In the past five years, Amazon Prime Day has exploded. It started as a corporate anniversary event and now it’s a two-day spending spree. We didn’t need another shopping holiday, but that’s what it has become.

So big is the hype that brick-and-mortar giants like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy have joined in the circus, along with many of Amazon’s digital competitors, including eBay and Newegg.

To help you find some good products in the endless fields of discounts, we’ve spent days combing through sales pages. Below are our top picks. We’ll update this list through the end of Prime Day at midnight Pacific time, July 16.

Updated at 9:20 pm ET July 16: We corrected prices, cut a few sold out items, and added two Lenovo Google Assistant speakers and The Allswell mattress. If an item is no longer at its deal price or sold out, we cross it out. Deal prices sometimes return and items come back in stock faster than we can update, so it never hurts to check for yourself.

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WIRED’s Prime Day Coverage

Walmart Deals

The Allswell Mattress


Walmart’s “The Big Save” sale lasts through Wednesday, July 17.

Google and Nest Deals

Google Home Mini


Google isn’t about to let Amazon’s big sale go unchallenged—not when smart speaker adoption is at stake. Google began discounting its best devices days before Prime Day began. The WIRED Gear team prefers Google Assistant to Alexa. Google answers common questions more capably, and its setup process is simpler and friendlier for any third-party devices you may want to add to your smart home. Be sure to see our full post on all our favorite Google devices on sale, but here are some of the highlights. These deals are at Walmart and Google.

Newegg Deals

PlayStation 4 Pro


Newegg’s Fantastech Sale ends 3 am EDT July 18.

Best Buy Deals

Apple Watch Series 4


Best Buy is having a 48-hour Flash Sale during Prime Day with a few noteworthy sales.

GameStop Deals

Nintendo Switch


GameStop is holding a Game Days Summer Sale through July 20.

Ebay Deals

KitchenAid Nespresso Maker


The eBay “Endless Choices, Epic Deals” sale goes on through Prime Day.

Retailer Sales Pages

If you want to browse and deal hunt on your own, these are some of the top landing pages for Prime Day rival sales.

Check our Amazon Prime Day Page for more coverage and deals.

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