Gadget Lab Podcast: The Dirty Wars Inside Google


For years, Google has flourished in large part because of its famously open internal workings. Leadership encouraged active and vocal communication between employees who held strong opinions or dissented with the company’s decisions. But over the past three years, that free-thinking atmosphere has become the breeding ground for deep divisions among Google’s workforce. Executive secrecy about controversial projects and a lack of unity on addressing charged political issues has steadily torn Google apart from the inside.

On this week’s episode of the Gadget Lab podcast, Lauren Goode and Arielle Pardes talk with WIRED senior writer Nitasha Tiku to discuss her cover story about Google’s three years of misery. Also in the news: WeWork files to go public, and Apple responds to the controversy surrounding its iPhone batteries and the right to repair.

Show Notes:

You can find Nitasha’s cover story here. Lauren’s story about iPhone battery swaps is here. And this is a good read on WeWork’s ambitions to “elevate the world’s consciousness.”


Nitasha recommends “A Little Bit Alexis,” a song performed on season 5 of the TV show Schitt’s Creek. Arielle recommends a podcast called “The Anthropocene Reviewed” with John Green. Lauren recommends diving into season 3 of GLOW, which just became available on Netflix.

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