BBC Briefing on energy: how do I use it?


Your downloadable guide to the UK’s energy system and why it must change to meet climate pledges. …

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Our dual needs to save the planet and power our modern lives have thrown a spotlight on the way we produce and use energy.

Bombarded by often contradictory information about energy consumption and the urgency of our climate change goals, people are demanding better explanation of the facts behind the rhetoric.

That is why energy has been chosen as the first topic for the BBC Briefing, a mini-series of in-depth, downloadable guides to the big issues of the day.

With input from academics, researchers and journalists, the Briefing offers the context and evidence in one place. You can download a copy, or read it in your browser, via the following link.

We hope this pilot, examining key national issues in a new, more in-depth way, provides useful and reliable data, research and analysis for you to digest wherever you are. If you’d like some tips on navigating it, scroll down this page.

The BBC Briefing has inspired a collection of special reports, features and analysis from across BBC News to help you find out even more.

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The BBC’s director of news and current affairs, Fran Unsworth, says: “In a fast-changing world with increasing polarisation and disinformation, it’s hard to understand the big issues of the day, so BBC News is trying a new way to help you make sense of some complex issues.

“BBC Briefing online gives you in-depth insight into some of the biggest challenges facing Britain today. This starts with energy – how we can keep the lights on and meet our climate targets. We hope you find it useful.”

The next BBC Briefings will be on immigration and housing.

How to navigate your way through the BBC Briefing

If you are unfamiliar with any terminology in the BBC Briefing, please refer to the glossary at the end.

If the chapter navigation and home buttons do not work, try downloading the document and opening it with a different PDF reader.

The research in the BBC Briefing is based on the latest available data and analysis, and is subject to changes in policy or the release of new information.

Read all our reports inspired by the BBC Briefing on energy.

A Michael Attwell Productions publication for the BBC, with thanks to:

Jim Watson, director of the UK Energy Research Centre and professor of energy policy at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources.

Nick Butler, visiting professor and chair of The Policy Institute at King’s College London.

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