Justin Bieber defends buying designer kittens


Justin Bieber told Peta to ‘suck it’ after they criticised him for buying two designer kittens. …

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Justin Bieber has told animal rights group Peta to “suck it” after it criticised him for buying designer kittens rather than re-homing cats from a shelter.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the singer spent $35,000 (£28,000) on a pair of Savannah cats named Sushi and Tuna.

The kittens are a cross between a domesticated cat and a medium-sized, large-eared wild African Serval cat.

Peta said the popstar is” fuelling the dangerous demand for hybrid cats”.

‘Go focus on real problems’

In an Instagram post, Justin, 25, argued that Peta should concentrate on tackling issues like “poaching and animal brutality”.

He added, “Go focus on real problems. Ur tripping because I want a specific kind of cat? U weren’t tripping when I got my dog Oscar and he wasn’t a rescue… every pet we get must be a rescue?

“I believe in adopting rescues but also think there are preferences and that’s what breeders are for.”

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Image caption Justin bought the cats a few days before marrying Hailey Bieber for the second time

‘Think more deeply’

But Peta say Justin Bieber could “inspire his fans around the world to save a life by adopting a cat from a local ‎animal shelter”.

In a statement, the group urged the singer to “think more deeply about this issue”.

Responding to his “suck it” comment, they said, “when millions of animals are ‎losing their lives every year because not enough people adopt – choosing instead to shop – the ‎animal overpopulation crisis is a real problem. That’s what sucks.” ‎‎

Sushi and Tuna are not the Canadian star’s first exotic pets.

In 2013 Justin was given a Capuchin monkey called OG Mally, which he tried to take on tour to Germany.

The monkey was confiscated from him and donated to a German zoo.

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