ThinkGeek Is Having a Massive Sitewide Sale Today


Browsing ThinkGeek is never dull. The site is packed with oddball toys and gear from the most popular series around, from Star Trek to Game of Thrones to Fortnite. Some items are so strange you can’t really unsee them. Today may be the day to stop smiling and actually buy a few a few of them.

From midnight to 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time tonight, ThinkGeek is having a sitewide sale.

Every single item on ThinkGeek is 25 percent off. In addition, all Clearance products are 75 percent off—and that discount compounds with the 25 percent discount to make a level two discount of 81 percent. The sale prices won’t show up in your cart, but you will see them on the checkout screen.

Putting all the math aside, if you’re shopping for geeky gifts, ThinkGeek is worth a look today. You can’t buy Harry Potter flatware just anywhere, can you? The site’s collection of Super Mario mugs and shower curtains are so fun they make me want to rethink my already-strange Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou-themed bathroom. If you too live a geek-culture-rich life, below are a few places worth a gander on the store.

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ThinkGeek Sections to Check Out:

There’s even a T-shirt for The Orville, which I do not have to defend enjoying anymore. Hopefully it will hopefully get renewed soon. For today, I will consider it right alongside this ludicrous playable guitar shirt.

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