Q Acoustics’ Concept 300 Speakers Kill Sound-Smearing Vibrations


With their lacquered bodies perched atop elegant tripod stands, Q Acoustics’ Concept 300 speakers are visually arresting. They impress the ears as well; the British audio company’s newest bookshelf speakers pump out up to 200 watts of glistening audio. But with great power comes great vibration, and their design is all about mitigating the high- and low-frequency rumbles that can muddy a speaker’s clarity. The first line of defense is the ultrastiff cabinet construction. Interior bracing steadies the walls exactly where shaking is most likely to smear the crispness of the music. For added judder-killing, a gooey gel lives between the layers of fiberboard to absorb vibrations. Finally, a spring-loaded rubber foot connects each speaker to the tripod, ensuring that the wooden cabinet never actually touches the stand and further isolating it from uninvited audio waves. Kamasi Washington will sound so blissfully pure that you might just achieve sonic enlightenment.


Styling Grace Suh

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